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Drinkables DIY Beer Cocktails


There’s this myth going around that people who drink beer have no taste. Well, that myth is undeniably wrong! Sure, not all beers are created equal, and much like wine you’ll find that there are smooth drinks that warm your soul. But there are also blends that really fall flat.

We won’t bore you with a whole class on beer, what we are going to do is arm you with enough information to make great choices about your DIY Cocktail adventures!

First off, there are 4 main type of beers.

  • Ales which tend to be full bodied and notes of fruit or spice. With a bold hoppy finish these robust beers are each unique.
  • Lagers which are probably the most typical beer. At least in the US. Lagers are known for their crisp and refreshing finish which are owed to their cold fermentation process.
  • Malt beers could also be nicknamed dessert beers. It might sound weird to think of having a glass of beer with dessert, but with notes of caramel, toffee, and nuts, malt beers are a natural compliment a bold dessert. Think of it like you would a flavored coffee.
  • Stouts are fierce contenders in the world of beer. A stout is known for bold forward-facing flavors like notes of dark coffee and bitter chocolate.

Second the possibilities are endless. Each type has and endless list of variations, from ingredient rations, roasting process, fermentation styles, and more. So, when we recommend you use a type of beer with a cocktail keep in mind that no two ales are the same, so your drink may turn out a bit different.

Finally experiment responsibly! We encourage you to take our recipes and run with them. Go ahead and switch out the beer. Add more citrus. Get bold with a whip cream topping decadent enough to make you weep. Just make sure you don’t do it ALL in one night. Pacing yourself is key, and hydration is a must! Sneak some water in between each round, you’ll thank us.

Beer Cocktail Recipes

If you've decided you'd like to try something else head on back to our main DIY Cocktail page, and If you want to send beer gifts to the US, or any other country, follow the link to our shop!

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