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DrinkableGifts DIY Cocktail Recipes

Here at DrinkableGifts.com, we are dedicated to making sure that you and your loved ones get the most out of your generous gifts. To help make that a reality we have picked our employees’ brains to bring you an extensive compilation of the best cocktails to make using the fine ingredients we deliver right to your door. Don’t worry if you’ve never mixed a drink before, we offer all kinds of DIY cocktail recipes from the simple to over the top with step-by-step instructions for each delicious cocktail creation. We’re not saying it’s fool-proof, but we are saying you don’t have to call it a mistake if it ends up tasty. Just your own unique twist on a DrinkableGifts Favorite!

Drink Recipes

Disaronoo Squeeze Gift Set

Amaretto Cocktails

With its distinctive sweet taste, this amber liquid is a hit at any party. An amaretto cocktail is unique in its full bodied, yet easygoing flavors. Unlike other darker liquors, amaretto is easy to drink with very little burn and a delightfully earthy aftertaste.


Beer Gift Set

Beer Cocktails

That’s right, beer cocktails. While they are a recent trend, in our opinion, they are a long overdue one. Like other liquors though, the type of beer really matters. A lager will create a totally different flavor profile than an ale, for instance. But never fear! We’ll walk you through what beer goes with what flavor profile in each recipe.



Bourbon Cocktails

Bourbon, a true gentleman’s drink. We know some people lump it together with scotch or whiskey, but we know that you know the difference. And these recipes celebrate both the differences, and the fun you can have making simple substitutions with your favorite bottle of bourbon.



Champagne Cocktails

For those moments you want to feel extra fancy, we know you’ll break out the champagne. But let’s face it, champagne is fancy, but it’s not the most flavor-packed drink. However, its crystal-clear simplicity and effervescent qualities are exactly what makes champagne a powerhouse of mixed drinks. You can spice up just about any cocktail with a hit of champagne, and it’s a darn good excuse to buy a bottle.



Cognac Cocktails

Cognac, the liquid gold of liquor. We’re pretty sure you envisioned a cigar just looking at this cocktail list, and we can’t blame you: the pairing has become famous. While we aren’t suggesting any smokes, we can recommend a list of cocktails that will leave a pleasant warmth spreading in your chest. If you’re new to cognac, or a seasoned veteran who swears by drinking it neat, there’s something here we’re sure you’ll be tempted to try.



Gin Cocktails 

Gin is one of those liquors that you either love or hate. Its characteristic woody scent, thanks to juniper, will leave you feeling refreshed and awake. A gin cocktail is unlike other cocktails in that its sharp flavors, like a brisk hike, will leave you with the distinct impression that you’ve just gotten closer to something on your own personal cocktail journey. What that something is, is up to you.



Rum Cocktails

Ah rum, the pirates drink, and if we may be so bold, possibly the company favorite. Not that we don’t love all liquor. Rum is the drink of choice for rebels and free thinkers, the daring of mind and action. If you’re looking for cocktails that embody your anarchist spirit and your will to really live, then a rum cocktail is just what you need. Pirate garb and ships crew are not included.



Scotch Cocktails

Scotch. No matter how new the brand or bottle, there’s something about scotch that evokes the feeling of days where people worked the land with their bare hands. Of community, honor, bravery, and free spirits. When you need to unwind from a day in the office and breathe in deep the distinct scent of distilled tradition, scotch cocktails are the drink for you. Don’t get us wrong, a simple scotch on the rocks will always warm your soul, but a scotch cocktail can really be the life of the party.



Tequila Cocktails

Tequila has a certain reputation for being a drink that well…is a little harder to handle than others. We can’t say that it’s true, but as with any cocktail, we do recommend you drink responsibly. With tequila, we recommend you drink responsibly and with lime to cut that distinctive sharp tang that comes with even the most refined tequila shot.



Vodka Cocktails

Of all liquors, vodka is truly the blank canvas. It may pack a punch as a shot, but mixed into a cocktail you’ll find it blends in nicely to the background. Vodka is a true chameleon and can blend into any fruit flavor, offering you the perfect way to experiment.



Whiskey Cocktails

They say that a good whiskey will put hair on your chest. We promise, that’s not true. But it will leave a pleasant and slow burn with each and every sip. This makes whiskey cocktails the go to drink for cold evenings, or long conversations.



Wine Cocktails 

Face it, we’ve all gotten a bottle of wine that we weren’t sure about drinking. Maybe it’s a brand you don’t know, or a type you traditionally don’t like. Whatever it is, before you re-gift it, let us suggest a few cocktails you can make instead. With so many other delicious flavors for the wine to mingle with, that bottle you got just might turn into your favorite yet.

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