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Drinkables DIY Whiskey Cocktails


Whiskey, we got here, finally. While all scotch and bourbons are whiskey, there is so much more in the world of whiskey than these two popular categories. In broad strokes whiskey (or whisky) is made from fermented grain mash. Various grains (which can be malted) including barley, corn, rye, and wheat (can be used in the distilling process. Then carefully aged in wooden casks, most popularly charred white oak.

While whiskey can be made anywhere, you’ll find that there are huge differences in taste depending on where it is made. Japanese whiskey, while relatively new, is quickly becoming some of the most popular because of its attention to detail and rich notes reminiscent of sake.

There’s also a world of difference in the kind of whiskey based on how they are distilled and bottled. Which is good to know when picking the perfect bottle for your DIY Cocktails, and the bottle that’s better to save to impress guests.

Single Barrel -  also known as single cask. This refers to any whiskey that was bottled from one individual cask. Often the bottles will be labeled with a specific barrel and bottle number, making them feel like a collectors items. Because no two casks ages 100% the same these bottles vary greatly in taste depending on which cask they were pulled from.

Double Barrel – this refers to whiskey that uses two barrels for its aging process. One for the first part, and another to finish it off. This creates some unique and interesting layers of flavor and can make an arguably more complex final product.

Blended – this is whiskey made from different types of whiskey. The product can be made from many distilleries, but sold under one brand, to create a large batch of uniform flavored bottles. This is possibly some of the more reliable stuff to create cocktails with as you can share the recipe with friends and chances are they can find a bottle from that same blend.

Single Malt – this is a whiskey that is made from a single distillery out of a batch that used only one particular malted grain. Unless it is also marked single cask/barrel then it is likely a blend of multiple casks of the same malted grain, but possibly of different ages.

Small Batch – these whiskeys are typically seen as superior, or higher end product. This is because they are made from a mix of only a handful of barrels, carefully picked out for the blend of flavors and ability to layer well together. However not every brand is this careful.

Cask Strength – this is possibly the rarest whiskey. This is a whiskey that is pulled straight from the cask and undiluted (sometimes very lightly diluted) and produces some of the best and most sought after bottles of whiskey.

Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Bobby Burns

Brass Monkey

Brown Derby

Irish Coffee



Whiskey Sour


Looking for something different? Check out or main DIY Cocktails page. If you’re ready to get mixing and send a whiskey gift to Spain, or another country, check out the link.

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