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Drinkables DIY Vodka Cocktails


Time for an etymology lesson because we think you’ll get a giggle out of the origin of the word Vodka. The word vodka actually comes from the Slavic word for water, voda. With its clear color, and its ability to blend smoothly with any flavor, or even (if made well) go down straight we can see how that happened. We still suggest you drink some actual water when drinking vodka. 

Vodka reins supreme in the cocktail world thanks to its ability to either be flavorless, or hold flavors really well. If you’ve ever tried to flavor liquor at home you probably know that vodka is the easiest . Seriously, you can just let some skittles sit (all one flavor please) and TA DA flavored vodka. Though gritty vodka, really there are better methods.

Vodka wasn’t always flavorless though.  In the early days of distilling impurities and mistakes were common. So these were hidden with sugar, spices, and other flavorings. Now we add flavors because, well, its tasty!

Flavorless vodka is flavorless by design. Even with modern distilling techniques vodka doesn’t just poof into its pure flavorless glory. Oh no. This is achieved by meticulous charcoal filtering. If it is not filtered enough you’ll find that it still has some taste to it, beyond the distinct bite you get from room temperature vodka.

Keeping vodka in the freezer has a purpose! A lot of people prefer their liquor cold, but vodka actually shines at super cold temperatures.  The cold temperatures help hide the burn that even the most filtered vodka leaves, and highlights its subtle sweet notes and slightly thicker than water texture. Making it a more refreshing sip, or shot.

Vodka Cocktails Recipes

Bloody Mary


Vodka and Cranberry Cocktail

Vodka Gimlet

Vodka Jello Shots

Vodka Lemonade

Vodka Screwdriver

Still browsing? Check out more of our great DIY Cocktails with our liquors. If you’re ready to send vodka gifts to the USA, or other countries, follow the link!

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