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DIY Beermosa

Stella Artois Savory Tapas Gift Set

Think mimosa, with a bit more body. This mix of bitter and fruity adds a lot of a fun to a cookout or party. Best of all, depending on the beer you use, it can really feel light and refreshing. Enough flavor to wake you up, but not heavy enough to keep you from reaching for a second glass if you want.


Beer - You’re going to want to reach for your wheat ales here, bonus points if they have some citrus notes like Blue Moon. Any lighter beer will work, and even some caramel colored brews. But steer clear of anything with overly sweet or chocolate notes, it’s going to clash.

Orange Juice - Don’t skimp here, the fake orange juices are overly sweet and won’t work well with this drink.

Like a mimosa, mixing this drink really shouldn’t be an exact science. Let the mood move you. You can always add more beer or orange juice to even things out. Each beer is a little bit different, and everyone prefers different strengths of drink. However, if you’ve never had one before, or you just want to make absolutely certain every glass is the same, don’t worry we have some guidelines. Grab your cup of choice and pour in:

  • 4 oz Orange juice
  • 1 bottle (12 oz) of cold beer of your choice.

No need to mix, but you can stir it gently if you’d like. Garnish with a slice of orange if you’re feeling fancy. We don’t recommend adding ice to this drink, but there’s no rule against it if you forgot to chill your beer.

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