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Drinkable Gifts Unlocks the Power of Automation with a Corporate Gifting Platform

If you are in need of a more permanent gifting solution to enable you to automate gifting, send gifts in bulk and create customized gifts throughout the year, Drinkable Gifts can offer gifting services through our corporate gifting platform, Giftsenda. The platform has been designed to enable Marketing and Sales teams to break through the noise and make meaningful business connections through high quality gift experiences — resulting in more revenue, conversions and improved ROI.

Drinkable Gifts | Introducing the Giftsenda Corporate Gifting Platform

Why Choose A Corporate Gifting Platform?

Businesses who use Giftsenda can strengthen their relationships with their VIP customers, engage more prospects and delight new customers through thoughtful and strategic gifting. Giftsenda delivers to over 200 countries worldwide and provides you with various features to streamline your gifting experience.

  • Integration options with various CRM platforms allow you to save time that would be spent uploading recipient lists.
  • Track gift campaign performance, collaborate with team members, and monitor gift acceptance rates.
  • The platform offers a vast selection of unique gifting experiences to grab your recipient’s attention, including experience gifts, eGifts, customizable gifts and so much more.
  • Gift recipients are given the luxury of choice by having the option to swap their gifts or donate the value to a charity with our easily shareable free-choice gift links.
  • Giftsenda provides you with the freedom and flexibility to run multiple gifting campaigns at once, with the added benefit of utilizing one campaign to send gifts to multiple countries.
  • With automated reminders, you can rest assured that your recipients will be taken care of and that your chances of gifts being accepted are increased.
  • Send gifts by using your recipients’ mobile numbers or email addresses — let them provide their delivery details.

How Can Giftsenda Help Your Sales and Marketing Teams?

Much like Drinkable Gifts, Giftsenda takes the stress out of corporate gift-giving. By automating your gifting process, you can take your corporate gift campaigns to the next level and delight customers and prospects around the globe.

Gift solutions for your Sales team:

  • Increase your invite-to-meeting conversion rates by sending a gift with your meeting invitation. You can close up to 20% more deals just by showing your prospects that you value their time.
  • Adding gifts to various stages of your sales pipeline can help you increase the number of deals you close. The gifting platform provides Sales teams with various gifting options that could easily be added to communications with prospects and clients.
  • Show your VIPs that you value them by rewarding clients at personal milestones and anniversaries. Send a bottle of wine to thank them for placing their first order with you, or send them a surprise gift basket for the holidays.
  • Remind your customers to order again by sending them a gift. Research shows that new leads are more likely to engage when a sweet incentive is involved.

Gift solutions for your Marketing team:

  • Offering an apology gift to frustrated customers is key to winning that second chance to impress them.
  • Increase the number of attendants for webinars and events by adding gifts as part of the invitation process. Sending attendants a gift after the event to thank them could help you leave a lasting impression.
  • Send branded SWAG around the world with just one click. Giftsenda makes it easy to build brand recognition by creating your SWAG, packaging it and sending it anywhere in the world.
  • Personalized account-based gifting campaigns can help develop and maintain comprehensive account profiles and target personas, in addition to improving the quality of those leads. Giftsenda enables marketing professionals to customize gifts and messages to provide them with the best results.

Giftsenda is a powerful way to empower the marketing and sales strategies within your business. Let us show you how corporate gift-giving can transform your business when you sign up for a free trial or book your Giftsenda demo today.

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