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Drinkables DIY Amaretto Cocktails

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Amaretto is Italian for “a little bitter” which is the perfect name for this liqueur. This liqueur originated in Sarano, Italy, and thanks to the bitter almonds that originally flavored it amaretto is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. A study in contrasts that makes this drink perfectly delectable all on its own, and a real dark horse in the world of cocktails.

It may not be the most popular spirit in the bar, but you'll find it is the perfect blend of earthy and sweet for at home drinks. Traditionally amaretto is not a hard liquor, but rather a flavored liqueur making this the perfect mixer for an easy going cocktail. 

Of course, if you're wanting to spice up your drinks amaretto pairs particularly well with other dark liquors, like bourbon or rum. 

If you're a pro or a novice at DIY cocktails a few rules you should keep in mind when mixing a drink with amaretto are as follows:

Less is more! You can always add more amaretto to your drink, but you cannot take it away. For your first cocktail we recommend you follow our recipes exactly, as we've aired on the side of caution with our numbers. But if you like a particularly strong drink start by adding more amaretto in half ounce increments. 

Liqueurs are sweeter than liquor! Don't forget that because of their lower alcohol by volume liqueurs are especially sweet. So if you're reading a recipe and think you might need more sugar please try it first! And remember rule number one, because it's so much easier to add sugar than it is to balance it once you've gone overboard. 

Liqueurs are deceptively powerful! Because of amaretto’s smooth texture and easy going flavor it is easy to drink more of this than a stronger liquor. Pace yourself! Your drinks aren’t going anywhere, and neither will you if drink too much. Hydrate with water between cocktails and remember to always drink responsibly.

Amaretto Cocktail Recipes

If you've decided you'd like to try something stronger head on back to our main DIY Cocktail page! 

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