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International Liquor Delivery… Is DrinkableGifts.com Just Bragging?

Is this too good to be true? It’s natural to be a little worried. We’d be worried if you weren’t checking us out. Our founder had the same concerns when he dreamt up the idea. Can we really build an online liquor delivery store? How much of your product have you imbibed? Here are the answers to your most common questions.


Our answers to important questions for connoisseurs of fine spirits and their loved ones:

How do you manage to deliver alcohol around the world in less than a week?

We get it, with all this liquor in stock you’re worried we might be drunk on the job. Don’t worry, we save the drinks for after our job is done! Now, we can’t tell you about all our trade secrets or where all our liquor stashes are, we have to have SOME privacy ya know! But what we can tell you is that our company has really got this delivering wine, spirits, beer, and more to your family in over 175 countries DOWN!

First off, we’re almost everywhere. That’s how we find the good stuff!

DrinkableGifts.com has gift experts, customer support specialists, taste testers, and more all around the world. We have places stock piled in nearly every region we serve. Our managers make sure to source the best quality liquor (and sometimes the cheap stuff for that person you only kind of like) right within your recipient’s region. And don’t worry, if you’re trying to impress a business partner, our offices can also get their hands on the fancy imported stuff. We know a guy who knows a guy.

When you place your order from the comfort of your own home (we hope with a drink in hand), we send it to our regional headquarters and the manager in the area takes it from there. Your gift is created, and delivered usually with a courier like FedEx, UPS, DHL. We’re pretty sure those guys don’t drink on the job either.

You get the fastest international alcohol delivery, you don’t deal with customs, and you get individualized gift experts ready to help you at a moment’s notice. You might see more than one of us answer your e-mails, but that’s just because we want to make sure you have your answer 24x7 no matter who’s on shift.

Why do some liquors cost different prices in different countries?

You found the perfect bottle, that scotch that just screams “have a good poker night” and then you see the price. $100 bucks! You can get it at home for $80. And okay, you got us, it’s in another country’s catalog for $90. Well here’s the thing, different products cost different amounts depending on where you get them in the world.

Rum is pretty cheap in Jamaica, in Alaska not so much. But think of it this way, if you were to buy that bottle in Jamaica and then ship it to Alaska you would easily triple the cost on what you’d pay in shipping. And not to speak ill of international customs, but we can’t vouch for their drinking policies.

Just remember that your gift is made in the region where you are shipping. If you want to send a bottle of vodka and gourmet snacks to Germany, our office is tracking goods down in Germany. This means you don’t worry with customs, you don’t deal with gift taxes, and your bottle of liquor, assortment of wine, or case of beer has less chance of breaking in transit.

You also get personalized service with an attention to detail that is second to none. We package your gift when you order (or when it is appropriate for delivery if you planned ahead). This means your basket doesn’t wait around and collect dust. Aged wine is great, dusty wine isn’t.

The long and short of it is, our prices vary across countries. Because we offer you a good price, for great quality, for the region you want your gift delivered in. That’s only fair.

My drinkable gift is literally crossing an ocean, won’t pirates kidnap it?

Like you, DrinkableGIfts.com has a long reputation of not trusting pirates. It’s just good business!

This is why we have fool-proof steps for making sure your delivery arrives. First, we send to gifts our employees around the holiday season so they aren’t looking at the wine you picked out with too much envy!

Second, your gift is being put together in the region you want it delivered in. We cross the ocean as little as possible. We know how pirates are about their rum! Your gift is sourced as close to your friends, family, or colleague as possible. This saves on the distance your bottle of alcohol has to travel, and cuts down on accidental damages, or goods being held at port.

Third, your gift is packaged when you order it, or whenever is best for delivery. Your scotch gift basket, beer sampler, or wine collection is delivered the same week our gift team puts it together. We ensure that the accompaniments and extras you add to your alcohol purchase are fresh, and your recipient won’t have to wait to enjoy your surprise.

Finally, our gifts are all delivered by courier. But we get it, sometimes couriers make mistakes. To top it all off we also verify that your order has arrived, either with delivery signature or electronic confirmation. Only then do we send you an email to notify you of delivery.

Your liquor (however many bottles you chose) will arrive safe and sound. And should the odd team of bandits make off with your loot, we have you covered with our satisfaction guarantee.

Go ahead, let us take that bottle of beer off the wall, and pass it around.

Won’t my gift go through customs? Will it get lost there? What about duty fees?

We’re about to get technical to here, but short answer: No. We take delivering alcohol gifts to the people on your VIP list seriously.

Your alcohol gift will never see a Customs agent; by the time we get our whiskey, and beer, and wine, and you get the idea, they’ve already made it into the country. Most of the time your delivery will make it to your recipient in 3 days. For the super remote areas where we have to send it on a donkey, maybe a week.

Take another sip of wine and relax. The only way we can do this is to avoid customs, many countries won’t allow individual gifts with alcohol without some extreme paperwork. In this case, international law agrees with us. Sourcing products in every region, and delivering in the same area is always best.

If you have more questions, reach out to one of our 24/7 customer support team, they’re ready to help you pick out the perfect bottle of booze and get down to treating your best friend.

Can I include our company’s brand or logo in the gift?

Absolutely! When you surprise your employees, customers, or business partners, we want to help you make absolutely sure they know who to thank. At DrinkableGifts.com we have made a smooth and easy process to make sure that your company’s logo can go on your gift card for free. All you need is a high-quality image file of your logo, holiday card, or funny meme, and our managers will handle the rest.

Free Company Logo You say?

Well, we won’t design it for you or anything, but we will print it on your greeting card free of charge; for any bulk orders of liquor gifts to 5 or more recipients. You can look at samples here.

Getting Started is easy. Make sure you download our Bulk Order Form. It’s easy to fill out with all of your recipient information and gift choices, and is the absolute fastest way to process large orders. Send it back to our team at [email protected]

Please attach a high-resolution file or your company logo or of the card image with your text. Make sure your image is a PNG, JPG, TIFF (300 dpi preferred).

We will review your submission and finalize your order once we dot all the Ts and cross the Is.

Why do your liquors cost so much?

We really aren’t trying to trick you; the cost of our liquor isn’t actually that expensive.

We hear it all the time. “I can get that bottle of vodka cheaper at my local store.” You’re right, you can get just the bottle cheaper. But it isn’t wrapped, it probably isn’t even in the right country, and you aren’t considering how much international shipping costs. Don’t believe us? Go look.

Not to brag, but our team at DrinkableGifts.com is hands down the easiest and safest way to send anyone a bottle of liquor anywhere it’s legal in the world. You can try doing it yourself, but the time, effort, energy, and worry won’t end up being worth it. You also just won’t save that much.

At DrinkableGifts.com we keep our shipping cheap and reasonable, thanks to our regional offices. We might have to charge a bit more during the busiest times of the year, but so do all other shippers. Especially international ones, who charge A LOT more, and have a higher rate of package losses and damages. Because of our regional offices, dedicated team, and local shipping policy we cut costs and keep your gift safe.

All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the 24/7 customer service you have backing you and your drinkable gifts every step of the way. We don’t care if it’s one birthday gift, or 100 vintage bottles of champagne – we treat every gift like the special cargo it is. Any extra goodies you add on like cheese, or chocolate, are also of high quality and pair well with the bottle you selected. Plus, if by chance a bottle is broken in delivery we replace it, no worries, no hidden charges, no hassle. At DrinkableGifts.com you get what you pay for: time, energy, a commitment to quality, and a liquor gifting experience that goes down smooth.

How can you possibly manage to deliver to 175 countries?

You caught us, we might be pushing the definition of country.

The world is an ever-growing and changing place, and figuring out if a place counts as a country really depends on who you ask. To make sure we have the best relations with all our employees and regional offices, we go with a liberal definition of ‘country’ that’s aligned with delivery regions. If people in the region call themselves a country, and most people agree, then we’re on board too. That’s just being polite. And when you’re in the business of selling liquor, it’s best to be polite.

We know mapmakers tend to recognize around 195 sovereign states or countries in the world. But even that isn’t set in stone, because some include Taiwan, which brings the number up. Politicians or other world powers may also include other independent states such as Somalia (pirates or no pirates) in their definition, and this brings the total to around 204.

Sporting officials have a count that ends at around 209 countries. We suspect that’s so they can drag out more matches, make more money, and sell more beer. But we can’t really judge now, can we?

For our purposes, DrinkableGifts.com uses a blend of the most liberal definitions, recent postal codes, and good judgement. To ensure your liquor arrives all safe and sound, we keep regional managers in and around these loosely defined borders to keep an eye on things.

That’s it, we aren’t trying to brag or pad our numbers (at least not any more than the next guy). We are actually delivering in 175+ postal zones. This helps us keep good relationships and lets us stay the experts in what you can actually get in every country.



I may be interested to become a Reseller. Does DrinkableGifts.com have a Reseller Program?


Yes we do!

And we would love to hear from you! Over the last few years we have become a backend supplier for many gifting programs such as:

  • Direct Mail Platforms
  • ABM Platforms
  • Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs
  • Private Branded Incentive Programs


One of the partnerships is with Giftsenda's Direct Mail Platform

Our wines and alcohol gifts are available for purchase on Giftsenda's marketplace, so that their corporate customers can send wines in bulk to hundreds of recipients at once. 


If you are looking for a reliable wine gift supplier with Global reach - please contact our Corporate Partnership team: [email protected] .

download corporate bulk order form Sending gifts to multiple addresses or countries? Download bulk order form & email us: [email protected] !
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