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Do you have a friend or colleague who has friends OR relatives overseas?
Do any of your co-workers have clients in other countries?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions - this program is for you!

Invite the person you are referring by email
Refer a friend to receive $20 store credit
We will also send $20 store credit to the person you referred.
Refer Your Friends & Colleagues
Send your unique referral link to your friends or co-workers.
Enter your email below to start.

* Referral Program Terms & Conditions
  • For every new customer you refer to us you will receive a store credit code for $20 USD that you can use on our website next time you order with us. The $20 store credit code will be sent to you as soon as the newly referred person places their first order.
  • This store credit cannot be combined with any other store credit codes on the same order and can be applied for a single order only.
  • In addition, the person or people you refer will receive a store credit code for $20 USD that they can use for their first order.
DrinkableGifts.com reserves the right to decline participation in its Referral Program on a case by case basis for the reasons not limited to:"members of the same household referring one another", "persons using an alternate email address to refer themselves" or other cases the program is not intended for.
Please note: www.drinkablegifts.com follows a strict Privacy Policy which insures that the referral email(s) you specify in the form below will never be used for any advertisement and will not be sold or disclosed to any third party.
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Visitors must be 21 years or older to enter DrinkableGifts.com. By clicking "OK" I hereby state that I am of legal age to purchase alcohol and my intended gift recipient is of legal age to receive alcohol gift.