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Alcohol Gifts For Men to the UK

Create Your Own Valentine Basket Create Your Own Valentine Basket
id: 100008
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Custom Fruit and Wine Basket Custom Fruit and Wine Basket
id: 10004
$ 4.95
Vintage Sentiments Box Vintage Sentiments Box
id: 3234
$ 144.95
Signature Gin and Gourmet Hamper Signature Gin and Gourmet Hamper
id: 1522
$ 144.95
All He Needs Gift Basket All He Needs Gift Basket
id: 1525
$ 114.95
Cheese Extravaganza Cheese Extravaganza
id: 440
$ 99.95
Australian Duet Wine Set Australian Duet Wine Set
id: 360
$ 79.95
Sincerest Thanks Sincerest Thanks
id: 1192
$ 179.95
Sleek Black Sleek Black
id: 1231
$ 89.95
His Time Basket His Time Basket
id: 496
$ 84.95
Chardonnay and our Heavenly Dip Sampling Chardonnay and our Heavenly Dip Sampling
id: 123
$ 114.95
Wine For Every Occasion Wine For Every Occasion
id: 284
$ 144.95
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Can I give alcohol as a gift for a man on Chinese New Year?

Absolutely! In fact, liquor gifts are commonly considered one of the most popular gifts for men on Chinese New Year. And we specialize in helping you deliver his favorites to the UK quickly. From a smooth scotch whiskey to a fine bottle of champagne, depending on his tastes, a top-shelf beer, wine, or liquor gift for Chinese New Year is almost always going to be a hit.

What's the best kind of beer, wine, or liquor to send to my boyfriend in the UK?

The very best kind of alcohol gift to send your significant other in the UK is the one he wants the most! Take the time - and be sneaky if you must - to find out his favorites, or to discover the liquors he's always wanted to taste, but never spent the money on. If he's one of those silent types who doesn't like to disclose such information, we understand - and we can still help! If you've ever seen him crack a cold one, then consider sending an assortment of exotic, imported beers to the UK; his next sports event will taste even better. Or maybe he's a little more refined? Then send a top shelf bottle of smooth bourbon, whiskey, or cognac. He and his drinking buddies in the UK will be impressed.

Which kind of alcohol gift is best to send to my Dad for a Graduation?

Dads are notorious for enjoying the gifts you send them, which is why it can be hard to know which liquor gift is best to send for a Graduation. Still, we've got the remedy for that! First, we strongly suggest you just ask your Dad what he likes to drink. Does he have a favorite cocktail? A brand of beer that he likes the most? Or maybe there's something he'd like to try but can't justify the expense. If you can find out any one of those, then look for a beer, wine, or liquor gift that for a Graduation that includes one (or all) of them. If it's hard to get that kind of information from your Dad, or you just don't want to spoil the surprise, we get it. There are still some Dad-proof brands we can recommend. A bottle of great champagne says, in no uncertain terms, how much you care about and respect him - and it's great for sharing on Graduation. A gift of Irish Whiskey will keep him sipping Irish coffees through the Graduation season.

Which brands of liquor are most popular in gifts for men in the UK?

Liquor brands are like radio stations in that what's most popular in the UK can change by the season! Never fear though! All our beer, wine, and liquor catalogs for the UK are constantly updated to keep the most popular gifts and brands right at the top so you can always see the alcohol gifts that are being given the most. But if none of those alcohol gifts are right for the man in your life, then let us suggest some classics that never go out of style like Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Vodka, and Glenlivet Scotch Whisky. Almost any alcohol gift for men that includes those brands is sure to be a hit.

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