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  • Having a few good bottles of liquor on display can make a room feel that much more impressive. Help your friends ''decorate'' when you send them this liquor duo. Your recipient will enjoy a bold bottle of Japanese Sake (750 ml), along with a bottle of crisp Grey Goose Vodka (750 ml) to round out their collection. Welcome them to a new hope, say Happy Birthday, or send your love with Clear Favorites.

    PLEASE NOTE: Food items are not included in the gift.
  • - Grey Goose Vodka 750ml;
    - Japanese sake 750 ml;
    - Gift Wrapping;
    - Greeting Card.
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Clear Favorites

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Clear Favorites

They're just magnificent! I wanted to send whiskey and wine to my boyfriend in Auckland, New Zealand and was indeed impressed by the speed of processing my order, the quality of the alcohol and easy website navigation. Usually, I'm very cautious with ordering on the new websites but this pearl's worth opening it up to the whole world. Will definitely come back to you again and wish all alcohol lovers to experience this spectacular service quality at least once in their lives!

Reviewed by Elizabeth - (United States)
Clear Favorites

As my mother travelling around the United Kingdom for her birthday, it was looking for small presents that they could enjoy while being in a hotel. I found and must report that their service was superb. They were in constant communication with me and very helpful when they could not find my mom registered on one of the hotels. The confirmation of the completed delivery was also timely. I am certainly happy to use them again on a next occasion.

Reviewed by Alejandro D. - (Kyiv, Ukraine)
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