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Please note that with Global Coronavirus Pandemic getting under control, we adjusted to a 'new normal' and fully resumed a delivery service in Lebanon and in most countries Worldwide. However during the upcoming holiday season (month of December) deliveries in some regions may be delayed. We are urging everyone to order their December holiday gifts two weeks earlier than you normally would. Please check our COVID-19 page for further updates and changes.
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Alcohol Gifts For Clients to Lebanon

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Is it appropriate to send an alcohol gift for clients in Lebanon?

You might be surprised to find out that most often, sending a liquor gift to clients in Lebanon is a very good idea. First, if you want to send your beer, wine, or spirit gift to their place of business, you'll have to make sure their company policy allows it. If the policy forbids liquor gifts, then it's best to send the gift to their home address. This assumes, of course, that your clients in Lebanon enjoy alcohol. Once those two concerns are taken care of, then the sky's the limit, and we can deliver your favorite spirits gift to your clients in just a few days.

When I send Get Well liquor gift to clients, what's the best type?

Choosing the best kind of alcohol gift to send clients on Get Well depends on their position and your relationship with them. If your client is managing a whole team that works for you, then a gourmet wine gift with multiple bottles and treats to share is likely the best way to go. But if your client works mostly solo, then a collection of top-shelf liquors might be a treasure for their bar at home. No matter what beer, wine, or liquor gift you decide to send for Get Well your colleagues will be impressed with your taste.

What's the best brand of wine or liquor to send to business clients in Lebanon?

Popular liquor brands are always changing, and people's tastes are fickle. So, the best brand of wine or alcohol gift to send can vary. That's why we keep our catalogs in Lebanon updated with the most popular liquor gifts in each category showing at the top for you. What's hot might change with the times, but timeless classics never fade, so if the most popular liquor gifts don't strike your fancy, then send a sophisticated standby like Champagne, Whiskey, or Rum: each a liquor brand that never goes wrong.

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Sending gifts to multiple addresses or countries? Download bulk order form & email us: [email protected] !
Send Alcohol Gifts to Lebanon
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